RIL admin Tom Home recently caught up with Cardiff Blues forward Nick Williams to discuss what he’s been doing to keep busy and active during the lockdown, as well as his recent appointment as a non-executive director at innovative Wales-based bamboo joint support and muscle sleeve providers Bearhug.

First and foremost, how has lockdown affected your diet and training?

Training wise not much has changed really. The biggest thing, obviously, is you’ve gone from running around and lifting with 25-30 lads to just myself. With my wife and three daughters, my makeshift gym in my garage has become somewhat of a sanctuary away from the high oestrogen levels inside the house. Diet-wise, it’s been a blessing really and a real learning curve. With professional rugby, I’d say most teams have amazing in-house chefs that cook amazing and healthy meals, which are ready pre and post-training, whereas now I’ve had to learn to cook on my own. I’m very lucky as my wife is an amazing cook, so she’s helped me a whole heap in that field. Also, with all the fast food places closed, it’s been a breeze to not have cheat days.


Have you found that not following the professionalised routines of a Pro14 club has affected you?

Not really to be honest. I tend to get all my training done early morning then I can dedicate myself to the real job, which is being a father. I’ve also taken the role of in-house teacher, which I must say and applaud all the teachers as it’s got its challenges, for me personally, it’s taught me that patience is key!


Have you undertaken any activities/hobbies that you didn’t previously find yourself doing before lockdown?

The weather has been unreal, so I’ve taken a liking to gardening. Bit of landscaping here and there to keep me busy.


When you’re not doing some form of training, how do you keep yourself physically and mentally active?

My daughters, full stop.


What is the best thing about having a break from rugby?

Obviously giving the body a rest, resetting the body and mind as a whole really.


What meal have you mastered during lockdown?

Omelettes and obviously with the weather we’ve had I’d like to think I’ve mastered the tongs with the amount of BBQs we’ve been having.


What is your pet peeve in lockdown and why?

I don’t think my wife would like what I’m going to say, so we’ll keep that blank!


We understand that you have recently joined Bearhug as a non-executive director. Why were you so keen to join Bearhug?

When Bearhug came to me about the possibility of jumping on board, I was actually surprised and taken aback. With Bearhug being a home-grown UK company based in Wales, I felt privileged for them to want me, which is the main reason I joined. With so many large companies out there, it’s always good to help out the smaller ones. My wife has started her little platter company and I’ve seen first-hand how difficult it is to get things going. All companies need a bit of luck now and then and hopefully, with the connections and networks that I’ve made with rugby, I’ll be able to help Bearhug get a foot in the door in some shape or form.


What do you hope to achieve with Bearhug?

Successes. With all the help they’ve given me on the field these last four/five-years, it’s time for me to utilise my tools and help Bearhug become as successful as we’ve envisioned, if not more.


What is your favourite Bearhug product and why?

In 2016, I had a huge calf tear and I was lucky enough for our physio at the time to advise me of the Bearhug calf support, so with nothing to lose I gave it crack and together with the treatment from the medical staff and the support it definitely quickened my recovery time allowing me to get back on the pitch, but most importantly, stay on it. The older you get, the likeliness of re-injuring the same muscle is quite high but thankfully, I haven’t done – that touch wood!

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