We’re living in unprecedented times and sport is one of the sectors that’s been hit hardest by COVID-19. The impact of sport coming to a complete halt is and will continue to be, far-reaching and long lasting.

Here at SNAP, our vision and primary objective has always been to support grassroot clubs in every way we can, encouraging clubs to become self-sufficient and less reliant on funding and donations. With clubs already facing increasing costs and a lack of resources, even before this crisis – it’s now vital that we do everything possible to keep these clubs solvent and stable during the pandemic.

SNAP has spent several years researching and building an in-depth understanding of how sporting organisations can become commercially viable through a best practice approach to sponsorship.
Whilst sponsorship may not have been a consideration for some in the past, certainly for many of the smaller clubs, it may now be key to their survival.

SNAP’s platform equips national governing bodies, associations, leagues and clubs with a solution – enabling them to connect and support each other, no matter what their geographical location or other restrictions.

We’re currently offering full free-of-charge access to our portal by using the promo code NOMONTHLYFEE, to all involved in grassroot sport to enable them to build mutual partnerships and support each other during these difficult times. By us facilitating this networking opportunity, clubs can now start looking for sponsorship whilst they have some down-time, to ensure financial stability in the future.

SNAP wants to do everything within our power to ensure not only the durability of grassroot sport, but to grow it and strengthen it and provide clubs with a targeted approach to finding the perfect sponsorship partner. We’re also working with NGBs, leagues and other authorities to help them understand the needs of clubs and where they can help and support them. Our online portal is a one-stop-shop for all involved in grassroot sport and SNAP is here to provide best-practice advice and expertise to help you succeed.

Please visit www.snapsponsorship.com for more information or contact Mark Covington at mark.covington@snapsponsorship.com.

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